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  • Downlight transformer types

    There are two basic downlight transformers available that are used to power your 12 volt down light. Electronic and iron core transformers are the two commonly use transformers and the first difference between them at first is the difference in weight. The iron core transformer are traditionally black in color and weigh about 2kg's. The electronic transformer is very light in weight and slightly smaller in size. When 12 volt downlights were first introduced the iron core transformer was used first and you can still find them in home today.

    Its important to know what type of transformer you have if you ever decide to install light dimmer in you home. The reason is the light dimmers are only compatible with a specific downlight transformer and will not work with all types. There are universal light dimmers to accommodate both transformer units but we have found that they are unreliable at times or just don't work properly. So next time you have an electrician replace your transformer it would be advised to replace them with the same kind of transformer originally used.

    iron core transformer

    Downlight transformer replacement

    If you feel your downlight transformer keeps blowing or just not working properly it could be the transformer operating temperature may be high is overheating. It is illegal to replace a 12 volt transformer your self and also safer if you here an licensed electrician to replace your transformer for you. There are other variable to why your downlight transformer may not be working properly so it would be more cost effective to hire a down-light specialist for repairs

    electronic transformer     viper electronic transformer

    Our services

    United Electrical Services can supply and install your downlight transformers at a cost effective price we stoke a range of transformers to suit your downlight transformer replacement. Contact us for an appointment and one of our electricians can also explain the advantages of upgrading to LED downlight for the future.


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