Dommable LED down light Kit

Energy saving downlights – Dimmable energy saving down lights !

  • XL-LED Performance LED Gimbal Kit contents: 1 x 12W LED lamp 1 x 12-24V, 650mA (16W) LED driver with 1.5m flex & plug and secondary leads 1 x DL23LED gimbal with twist-lock face
  • Features & Benefits Custom Designed Inner Locking Ring Allows the fitting to be secured on a tilt, the fitting cannot be retrofitted with a standard MR16 halogen lamp, allowing for a full Energy Star Rating Thermal Wind Back The XL-LED specially designed driver incorporates a Thermal Wind Back System.

  • The driver monitors the LED case temperature and automatically reduces the power to protect the lifetime of the LED. Should the maximum surface temperature approaches 90ºC, the fitting will start to “wind back” the LED, resulting in automatic dimming in small increments rather than completely shutting down the LED light source

    Solid State Lighting Luminaire
    - Lighting Council of Australia launched their SSL ( Solid State Lighting) Quality Scheme in 2010 to assist the market with identifying LED products which meet guaranteed performance criteria, accredited to strict test parameters.

  • The Crompton XL-LED was one of the first fittings registered under the SSL Quality Scheme Fully Dimmable 0% - 100% Dimmable LED Controller can be used on a dimmer switch or dimming circuit of either leading or trailing edge Light Output Similar to most 50W FNV MR16 Halogen Lamps Beam angle of 55° and has an energy saving of up to 70% when compared to a standard MR16 50W halogen lamp C-Bus Crompton XL-LED downlights are C-Bus compatible Australian Design Designed in Australia for Australian conditions. Patent pending, registered design

  • Reference Code Colour Type Watts Size Temp. Colour Avg Lamp Hour Lumen Output Lamp Included
    KLED12FW 26274 White Fixed 12 70mm 3000 50,000 700 Yes
    KLED12FSC 26275 Satin Chrome Fixed 12 70mm 3000 50,000 700 Yes
    KLED12AW 26272 White Gimbal 12 90mm 3000 50,000 700 Yes
    KLED12ASC 26273 Satin Chrome Gimbal 12 90mm 3000 50,000 700 Yes
    KLED12FW4K 26497 White Fixed 12 70mm 4000 50,000 800 Yes
    KLED12FSC4K 26498 Satin Chrome Fixed 12 70mm 4000 50,000 800 Yes
    KLED12AW4K 26495 White Gimbal 12 90mm 4000 50,000 800 Yes
    KLED12ASC4K 26496 Satin Chrome Gimbal 12 90mm 4000 50,000 800 Yes
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