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  • Repair Downlight Fittings

    Tired of replacing downlight bulbs and finding they still don't work.

    Halogen downlight repairs - Led downlight repairs

    If you have discovered that changing a downlight bulb is not easy well your right, without the proper tools you may even be putting yourself at risk. Our down light repair service can repair and replace faulty downlight parts for halogen downlights and LEW down-lights. Not many peaple know that it is illegal to replace your own downlight transformer yourself and cause possible injury to you and your family. Older dowlights can be a pain when trying to change a simple bulb, this is because after many years of use a downlight fitting tend to fuse themselves together making it difficult to replace a globe.

    If your downlights have access issuises with high ceilings or have been installed in difficult stairway landings, United Electrical Services have the right equipment to reach in those hard to get places. So if you find that there are a couple of downlights that need servicing you can trust our electricians to provide a professional service and the right advise.  Old down-light repair

    Our Downlight Repair service

    United Electrical Services can supply most parts when available and can discuss upgrading your old halogen down lights to LED downlight package kits, our electricians can also provide advice on turning your halogen downlights to more economical friendly use with smart switching and the installation of downlight dimmers. There are a number of dimmers on the market today that have specific uses so hiring United Electrical Services can save you time and mony in the long term.

     Available down-light parts

    Downlight supply Parts

    United Electrical Services carry a number of downlight parts to suit most modern models, ranging from spring lips, lamp holders, lamp clips, lamp housing ,electronic transformers, iron core transformer and white / brushed chrome body parts. United Electrical Services can also quote a budget price upgrade on your existing downlighting setup.

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